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Sebright is a chicken and belongs to the bantam subspecies. While most pygmy chickens are just smaller varieties of larger breeds, sabrits are true breeds (master breeds). The charm of these chickens is precisely in their size and social behavior. His boldness, curiosity and bravery are often amusing and unexpected to the outside observer. We are as fun and unpredictable as the Sebright Chicken.

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Sebright NFT Collections

Sebright Collection 1

Sebright Token has NFT collection which is available in two legendary and epic collections on OpenSea site.

sebright collection 2

Sebright Token has an NFT collection available in two Rare and common collections on the OpenSea site.

Sebright phases

We are an extremely active community that loves our mission and Sebright! Our Telegram channel is filled with community members who would be thrilled to help you 24/7. Do not trust random messages from people claiming to be “support” or ever give out your wallet info to anyone!

Locked Liquidity
The majority of initial LP tokens were locked and burned.


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